5 Ways To Make Your Day At Least A *Little* Bit Healthier

Fitness. Goes hand in hand with January like I do with a tub of ice cream to myself on a Wednesday night. It feels a *bit* like its the only thing anyone can talk about at the minute, which is quite the bitch for those of us who are, ahem, less inclined to exercise or eat green stuff.

It’s especially difficult if, like me, you work full time and commute so don’t have too many spare hours to sweat it out at the gym. SLASH would rather spend the free time you do have with Netflix and a duvet.

As part of their Flexible Working Campaign, Powwownow are trying to encourage people to be more active in the workplace. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and preach to you, Lord knows I could do with moving about way more than I currently do (it is one of my New Years resolutions, but like most of those bad boys it’s getting hard to stay motivated to actually do them.)

So here’s a list of little things you can do to get a bit healthier at work, just the little five minute tasks that take basically no effort but make you feel about 1037291037 times better about life.


I’m not saying go on a jog or visit the local gym in your lunch break, let’s be realistic here. (Although if you can, shoutout to you for being my new idol/most disciplined person in the world).  But even just walking to the shop at dinner time or doing a coffee run during the mid afternoon slump will make you feel a gazillion times better. Fresh air is good for the soul.


For most people their day to day jobs revolve around staring at a screen for, like 2 thirds of their day. Then getting home to stare at a screen some more, because Twitter and Facebook and buzzfeed obvs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick trip to the kitchen or a natter with your office neighbours, stop looking at a screen for 5 seconds and have some human interaction. Your brain, eyes and opticians bill will thank you for it.


I feel like we currently live in a culture where we’re switched on all the time. Constantly on the go doing something or other. It’s easy to fall into a trap of working your lunch break when it’s busy or to show how much of a committed employee you are. Stop. 

Get away from your desk for gods sake. Go and eat lunch outside, or on some sofas, or go for a walk. Even if you just sit down and have a gab with your work buddies for an hour, you’ll feel more rested and ready to nail the afternoon. YOU GOT THIS.

Hearing everyone else having a giggle while you slog through your lunch hour isn’t good for anyone. Mental health is just as important as physical.


Probably the most obvious tip of the decade, so points to me for being captain obvo over here. Soz.

It’s really important though. You’ll be the most unproductive person in the world if your brain is shrivelled up like a raisin, your eyes are dry and your head has a dull ache. Your skin will also thank you for it massively.

This also ties in with my other point about  leaving your desk. Some people like to get a huge jug so they don’t forget about water, but I prefer to have a glass at a time so I actually leave my desk and stretch the old leg muscles. 


I mean, you probs can’t go swanning up to HR all ‘yo, I need this exact desk I found online because it’s perfect for insta shots’, but you CAN make sure you adapt the space you do have so it fits you a bit better. 

Your screen should be at arms reach, your back should be straight, feet flat on the ground, elbows at a right angle. If like me, you’re a bit on the short side (or tall, my copywriter has the opposite problem to me, but equally as awkward), those instructions might not work too well. I have to have a stool because having my feet flat on the floor means I’m too low down for the desk so my arms are at a funny angle, as is my neck. #shortprobs

So there’s my 5 tips for being a bit fitter and healthier at work, and generally feeling like you got this whole life thing under control. If I’ve left any off, pop me a comment below so I can become a proper healthy superwoman in my lunch hour. 

This post was written in colab with Powwownow as part of their Flexible Working campaign. I was not paid for writing this post and as always, all views and ideas are my own. You can find my full disclaimer here.