Christmas Week: 14 Homeware Pieces I Need In My Life

Homeware is my fave. I realise 15 year old me would look at this and be like LOL Y U SO LAME, alas. I can’t help it, there’s just something about candles and photo frames and sassy prints that capture my heart.

As most of you are aware I’ve only recently landed my first proper job since graduating. I’m back in at the old hotel of mum & dad while I save up to get a flat, which means I won’t be in my own place until next Christmas.

But you didn’t really think that’d stop me browsing all the festive homeware collections did you? NOPE. I’ve been trawling all my faves to put together a little wishlist, in the hopes that it’ll be useful for those of you who do have somewhere of their own to decorate, and just to sit here looking pretty for the rest of us.

Here goes.

1) H&M Cotton Cushion Cover, £3.99 – link

2) Next Lit Advent House, £30 – link

3) Paperchase Antler Woodland Dinner Plate, £12 – link

4) H&M Christmas Present Sack, £12.99 – link

5) Lit Gold Glitter Ivy Leaf Garland, £25 – link

6) Next Winter Luxury Reed Diffuser, £15 – link

7) M&Co Stag Print Cushion, £8 – link

8) Dunelm Gingerbread Latte Recipe Printed Glass, £2.50 – link

9) Dunelm Traditional Copper Cookie Cutters, £2.99 – link

10) Next Lit Copper Finish Geo Wreath, £22 – link

11) H&M Faux Fur Blanket, £49 – link

12) H&M Small Ceramic Plate, £3.99 – link

13) Wilko Nature’s Noel Rattan Heart with Berries, £5 – link

14) Old English Company Reindeer Names Print, £14 – link