Blogging After Terrorism #PrayForTheWorld

Yesterday I rescheduled my post. It suddenly seemed wrong to be sharing a list post about ‘things we’re guilty of’ when several people are now guilty of the murder of innocent people.

The Paris attacks got to me in the same way the Tunisian attacks did – these were real, everyday people just like you and me, who one second were out enjoying their lives and in an instant it was taken from them. And for what?

They were having a friday night drink with their partner, their family, a friend they hadn’t seen for a while. They were at a concert they’d been counting down to for months. They were on holiday. They were having their first meal out in months because they’d been cash strapped, or having a drink after work because they’d been so stressed they’d barely seen daylight.

These were real people. Just like you and me.

I love blogging, I love sharing my favourite things with you, interacting with people, reading about the latest releases from the perspective of someone real, who could be a friend. I’m in no way putting down the world of beauty blogging, or lifestyle blogging, or any other blogging, I love the industry and it has a purpose, a place in the world.

But yesterday it felt wrong.

It felt so wrong to instagram a photo of my favourite new lipstick to share with you, or to roll out a new ’20 things that all girls…..’ list. Because in the grand scheme of things, it’s so tiny. So unimportant what I think is the best colour red, when 100+ people have just died in a horrific attack.

I found myself sat there, looking at my scheduled posts thinking “none of this matters”, not today. It felt so fickle.

Right now, in this moment, what matters is spending time with loved ones. Being grateful for those around us, who one day might not be. It’s sad that it takes such a tragedy to put the world, life, into perspective; to make us try that little bit harder to show the people we love that we’re grateful for them.

But if awful things like this achieve one thing – let it be love. Let us show those around us we care, let us reach out to those in the world who need it. Let’s not be hateful, or let our hearts turn cold.

Because the one thing that makes us human, in this brutal world, is our humanity.

Disclaimer: If you continued to blog yesterday , this post is no way saying you are wrong and shouldn’t have. I completely see the side that you shouldn’t have to change your behaviour as that is what these people want. It was my personal choice not to blog, because to me it didn’t feel right.