New Season Homeware: 12 of the Dreamiest Autumn Pieces On The Highstreet

So this list is possibly the most cliche EVER, but c’mon, we all love copper for a reason yeah? These are all the things I would deffo kit out my swanky flat with… if I didn’t live in a mingin shared house like I’m still a student. (Without the nightlife though, SOB. My 15 year old self would be so sad if she saw my current room.)

So here’s a roundup for you guys, because you probably have actually achieved your life goals and have a swanky flat. Or at least, an alright rented flat that might need sprucing up a bit. Chin up, you’re doing better than me. WE GOT THIS.

1. Next Fashion Figurative Canvas, £25 (Link)

2. Wilko Mosaic Bottle Lamp Bronze, £28 (Link)

3. H&M Home Jacquard Weave Blanket, £24.99 (Link)

4. Primark Ampersand White Light, £9 (Link)

5. M&S Alphabet L Scented Candle, £6 (Link)

6. M & S Plume Candle, £9.50 (Link)

7. H&M Home Glass Tealight Holder, £2.99 (Link)

8. Wilko Copper Dimple Vase, £7 (Link)

9. Matalan Round Antique Style Mantle Clock, £6 (Link)

10. Paperchase 4×6 Pavia White Frame, £15 (Link)

11. BHS Life Is Wonderful Framed Print, £25 (Link)

12. George Home Pug In Frame Cushion, £7 (Link)