10 Dreamy Etsy Goodies You Need in Your Life

Etsy… the home of motivational prints, cute mugs and ALL the stationary. So essentially every 20 something basic girl’s dream, or mine at least. I’ve collected my current faves for you to lust over/ go crazy on payday so at least you can write your ‘beans on toast’ shopping lists on the best paper around, naturally.

Stationery, prints, jewellery and iphone cases from various sellers on Etsy.

1. Boss Lady Note Sheets – £5.24 here
2. Geometric Glass Succulent Terrarium – £12.32 here
3. Watermelon iPhone Case – £11 here
4. Always Time For Cake Blank Notebook – £3.50 here
5. Flamingo Print – £10.47 here
6. Tropical Dreams Pineapple Print – £16.50 here
7. Strawberry iPhone Case – £12.50 here
8. Geometric Plant Pot with Succulent or Cacti – £15 here
9. Vendi Vivi Amavi Print – £7 here
10. Opal Stacking Rings – £34.04 here

If you’ve found anything a-mazin’ on Etsy recently, share some links in the comments so we can be enablers together.