The Beauty of Slow

Life can be a bit bloody stressful sometimes. When every day consists of to do lists, commuting, deadlines, late nights, more to do lists and not much time to unwind, things can get out of hand without you even realising… And before you know it you’ve had knotted shoulders for the past month and haven’t seen your friends for even longer. 

Life is busy, I get it, you get it. That’s why it’s so important to consciously make time to relax and de-stress. Which is exactly what I did this week.

I had some holidays to use up, so I booked 3 days off work and took a long weekend to Edinburgh for a city break. And it was amazing. We went to a spa on the first day, and being city centre based I wasn’t sure how relaxing it’d actually be… y’know maybe we’d be able to hear the traffic outside, maybe it’d be too busy to enjoy the pool, maybe it’d be chaotic and all the things I wanted to escape from.

But it wasn’t.

It was everything I’d dreamed of and more. It was tranquil and peaceful and relaxing in that ‘I could definitely possibly certainly be in heaven right now’ way. Like maybe I’d died and not realised and this was my fate.

We had a back massage, which took all my pesky shoulder knots out, relieved my back tension and I *might* have almost fell asleep. Then we had a scalp massage, which was also a dream but I did end up with really greasy hair from all the oils used. Which didn’t really matter at the time because I was so relaxed, and I feel like not giving a shit about having frying pan hair is a good measurement of carefree-ness. So that.

I never really make New Years resolutions. Mainly because I think if you want to change, you should change regardless of the date. And yeah, I get that the new year, new me thing is a great motivator for some people, but it’s just never sat well with me. Last year I did decide to read more books, but then 2015 whizzed round and I was all “oh shit, it’s been a year, I’ve read one book”. So that’s when I went back to my anti resolution stance, probably as an excuse for being terrible at them but there we go.

Now I think my resolution for next year, and actually every year following, should be to visit a spa at least once a year. They’re good for the soul. They’re relaxing and calming and you can unwind in a spa like nowhere else.

Getting up and doing whatever we wanted for four days straight was a dream. It felt like an escape, like we’d upped and left the world as we know it and landed somewhere else, in another city where everyone was going about their city day, doing city things, except us. 

Because we didn’t have any responsibility.

We didn’t have to set alarms, we didn’t have to be in x place or y place at z time. We could just take in the city around us.

And we did exactly that. I forgot about my diet for a few days, I didn’t have to think about cooking or cleaning or washing clothes or any of the boring but necessary life things. And that’s what made it so magical.

Having a little studio to ourselves, living in our own little bubble. Just being. Taking in the world around us.

Life can be fast paced sometimes. Let’s all consciously take the time to slow it down a little.