Aldi Specialbuys: The Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a proper massive Aldi fangurl. £1 Ben & Jerry’s rip off? I’m sold.

So this week I went to do my Aldi shop for one (my boyfriend is currently sunning himself in Ibiza without me, sob) and I spotted this little bluetooth shower speaker sitting lonely on the shelf. It was the last one so I had no choice on the colour, but I actually quite like how bright it is when I’m mourning my bed in a morning.

Setting it up was the easiest thing. I just turned it on, paired it to my phone, and pressed play on the latest Taylor Swift album. It has a range of up to 10m and you can skip songs/change the volume – no more getting drops of water on my phone as I run out of the shower to skip the track, bonus.

And a feature I would never think of looking for in a speaker, but is actually probably gonna turn out pretty handy? The ability to answer calls. I’m definitely only going to use it for mid shower food arrangements with Danny, but even so, first world you treat me well.

It is another thing I need to remember to charge but it’s definitely worth it when I get to pretend I’m Beyonce in the shower every day. So yeah.

As with all Aldi specialbuys, once they’re gone they’re gone so if you like the look of this get yourself there pronto!