The non gift guide gift guide for him

I’ve always found gift guides for men really useless, especially the ones on shop websites. It’s always the same old… watches, wallets, cuff links, slippers, scarves. Which is wonderful if your boyfriend/brother/friend is an old man or if your dad hasn’t already acquired these over the years but lets be honest, they’re dull. I’m not going to compile a gift guide but here are my top tips when it comes to shopping for the men in your life.

Think about their interests

If there’s a tv show/film they love you can guarantee there’ll be something out there they’ve never seen before. Etsy is a great place to find quirky little gifts you couldn’t find in a shop and you can never go wrong with a book about their hobby.

Listen to them

I know girls are renowned for dropping Christmas hints as soon as the temperature hits 5 degrees and whilst most boys won’t intentionally do this there can be some great ideas which stem from an offhand comment. My boyfriend’s birthday present (which I can’t reveal yet) came from a comment he made on a day out about how much he liked something, and my dad’s Christmas present is a personalised pint glass because he’s always moaning about his pint glass being used.

Consider what they WANT

We all have those things that we’d never buy for ourselves, maybe because they’re a little pricey or maybe because we’ve just never got round to it. Give them something they would love but would never think to get for themselves, it makes it even more of a treat when they’ve been pining after it.

Think about what they might need

Okay so slippers, socks, wallets are a bit naff if they get them every year but at the same time don’t be put off the ‘boring’ gifts if it’s something they actually need. They’ll be surprised you’ve noticed and it’s one less thing they have to go shopping for themselves, bonus.

Get creative

Two of the most well received gifts I’ve given have been on the more creative side. One was a book for my friend back when I was 16, in which I listed all the things that made them a great friend. It sounds a bit naff now but teamed with other gifts something personal makes for a great present – there’s plenty of ‘fill in the gap’ type books around these days. The second was a canvas I designed (with the help of my friend Rickie) then got printed for my Dr Who obsessed boyfriend, merging his face with Matt Smith’s. It still hangs proudly on his wall after two years. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this year, skip the gift finders and have a proper think about the person. A well thought out gift trumps an expensive but typical present and you never know, it may even save you a few pennies in the process.