One for you, one for me

With almost all of my Christmas shopping done I went a bit mad with the gifts for myself (one for you one for me, right?) 

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit Amazon £14.99

I have a couple of ELF brushes but other than that my entire brush collection is made up of cheapies I’ve collected over the years. I spotted the Real Techniques core collection for around £15 on Amazon so decided to treat myself. I’ve only used them once so far but my base makeup looked 10x better, I could really tell the difference and they were so soft on my skin. Definitely will be treating myself to more of these brushes next payday.

Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 palette Superdrug £4

I’ve seen these palettes popping up all over the place, at £4 I didn’t need much convincing but it was a comparison post between this and the Urban Decay 3 that made me finally drop it in my basket. 

Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream Boots £5.99

My cuticles have always been quite dry anyway (probably not helped by my habit of picking at them whenever I’m on the bus/have nothing to do for a while). Working in a cafe has made them even worse, I’m hoping the Burts Bees balm will help undo the damage. The smell is gorgeous and after one use it didn’t leave my hands greasy at all – a massive make or break for me. 

Kiss Light Reflecting Primer Wilkos £3 // Kiss Shower Creme Wilkos £3

I spotted these in Wilkos when I was after a razor, the packaging was lovely and I’d just ran out of both primer and shower gel so I obviously had to have them. The shower creme smells amazing when you first lather it up but I did notice a strong soap-y smell (you know the bars of plain soap) when I was rinsing it off. I really can’t stand the smell of soap bars so it put me off quite a bit, I think in future I’ll stick to my Original Source Raspberries & Vanilla. 

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Hand Sanitizer Boots £2.50

Hand sanitizer is one of those products I always want to carry around with me but never get round to actually buying. When I saw that this has the unique Soap & Glory smell (you know the one!) I HAD to have it. It’s not too greasy, smells amazing and for £2.50 whether it stops me getting a cold or just makes me smell nice I’m happy.

Nip + Fab De Stress Hand Cream Superdrug £4.66 set of 3

Okay so I may have bought the set as a gift then stolen one for myself. Maaaaybe. I’ve not used it yet but for £4.66 it’s a reet bargain, great for a secret santa or one of those “I’m obliged to get you a gift but don’t want to spend a lot” gifts.

Zoella make up bag Superdrug £8

My current makeup bag is getting really manky inside and also doesn’t fit in my bag very well when I’m taking my stuff to Leeds and back. I love how bright this little bag is, it’s also wider than my other one so I don’t have to awkwardly squish my eyelash curlers in it either.

ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ELF £3.50

I’ve only just finished a tube of this and have found any eyeshadow I’ve applied since has lasted considerably less time that when I’ve used a primer underneath it. Went for the mineral version, sounded a bit posher and better for the skin but I bet it’s the exact same as the one half the price. 

ELF Studio Baked Highlighter in Pearls ELF £3.95

I’ve read so many amazing reviews about the new baked highlighters, and a highlighter is actually the one thing I don’t own – can’t wait to get contouring over Christmas especially with my new brushes (I lead an exciting life, obvs).

ELF Studio Hydrating Face Primer ELF £6.95

I find that ELF primers don’t really dry out my skin anyway, with the current weather it’s always good to have some extra moisture though so I went for the hydrating version.

ELF Nail varnishes/files – free gift with £10 spend

I desperately need a new clear varnish but haven’t got round to buying one so I was really chuffed with this freebie. The pink is quite a nice shade, I doubt I’ll wear it much over Christmas and may give it to my sister as she wears more pinks than I do. The cuticle pushers are also something I needed and the nail files I’ll also probably give away just because I can’t stand the feel of nail files on my nails. Still it’s a nice little gift for free.

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters Wilkos £2.50

Okay so I have a confession to make… I’ve NEVER built a gingerbread house. I know, I know, did I even have a childhood?! I’m not sure how this tradition has escaped me for 21 years but this Christmas I was keen to put it right. A lot of the sets I’ve seen include the gingerbread ready cut and icing/sweets for decoration and although cute, they’re about £15 and you basically just put it together. Boring. 

This little set contains 10 different cutters to make up the shape of a gingerbread house. There is also a little tree/man cutter as well. I’m absolutely bursting to use this but I’m waiting until Danny’s birthday and we’re going to make the gingerbread and attempt to build this. For £2.50 it’s an absolute steal and you’ll have the cutters for years to come. 

Primark Christmas Pyjama Leggins £6 // Primark Pyjama Top £3

If you don’t get excited about new pyjamas for Christmas eve then there is something wrong with you. Srsly. I was after a nice Christmassy print and as usual Primark has delivered, they’re also pyjama leggins which if you don’t know by now are a revolution. Seriously the comfiest thing ever invented.