My venture into nail stamping

Until recently I’d never heard the phrase ‘nail stamping’, so naturally I googled it straight away and spent waaaay longer than I care to admit watching youtube tutorials and reviews. For anyone who, like me, hadn’t heard of nail stamping before now, it’s basically an easy way of achieving intricate nail art that most of us wouldn’t be able to do free hand – check out this youtube video which shows you all the basics.

So first off you’ll need a stamper/scraper, some stamping plates and some nail varnish – you can buy special stamping polish but I’ve just been using regular polish, more opaque ones work best. There are loads of different brands and stamping plates around, after looking into a few different ones I decided to go with MoYou London as they’re reasonably priced (£5 a plate) and have a great selection of designs. They also offered free UK delivery with orders over £15.

The plates I chose are the Sailor Collection 03, Pro XL Collection 11 and the Festive Collection 06 plates. The packaging has a lovely vintage feel to it and each collection has it’s own theme making it easy to find the plate you’re looking for when they’re all stacked together. 

Above is the Festive plate 06, as you can see the plates are really shiny making them super awkward to photograph but you get the gist. This plate is my favourite, the christmassy designs are so cute and I can’t wait to force them upon all my friends and family this month! Some of the designs are a little harder to stamp because of the lines – I’ve found the swirlier patterns much easier because if you mess up it’s not as noticeable. 

When I first got my plates I stamped over gel nails, if you mess up you can just swipe some nail varnish remover over them and it doesn’t affect the base colour – a godsend when I was first practicing. Due to my new job however, I can only wear nail varnish from monday night to wednesday night so I don’t have time to wear gel anymore. Below is a Christmas jumper design I did using Barry M Teal & silk effects Pearl. The teal does look a bit faint but for the most part I think it’s really effective, plus it only takes 5 minutes!

These are some designs I did using Barry M nail varnishes, I absolutely love the purple and silver together and the silver and red is really effective too. As you can see on the outer nails, the regular sized stamps are a little short for longer nails so if you’re a lover of long talons then I’d recommend the XL plates so the stamp covers the whole nail. 

In conclusion… GO BUY STAMPING PLATES. Seriously, they’re the best thing I’ve bought in a long time and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before now!