BARRY M HAUL – new autumn colours & swatches

Barry M Effects Foil Gelly Swatches

I’ve always loved Barry M nail varnishes, they have loads of colour options, they’re good quality and they don’t cost a bomb. If I’m wandering through Boots you can guarantee I’ll stop and stare longingly at all the new colours I’m pining for, more recently I’ve not been too good at resisting either… oops!

I remember in uni, one of my tutors who still worked in advertising was doing a project with Barry M and whilst telling us about the work he asked us “what do you think of when I say Barry M?”. Instantly me and a couple of the other girls were like “nail varnish, obviously”, for some reason it does seem to be one of those brands that most people buy their polishes but not much else (except maybe some glitter dust, hey there 2005).

Barry M Effects Foil Gelly Swatches

L-R: Instant Nail Effects Foil – silver & gold, Teal, Gelly Blood Orange

The gold and silver go on really nicely, stamp well and I also tried water marbling the other day and they worked perfectly for that too. If you look super super close you can see some slight brush strokes because of the metallic aspect of the polish. The teal is also metallic and was the perfect colour for my early christmas jumper mani – autumnal but not too Christmassy since it is still only November.

Barry M Effects Matte Silk Swatches

L-R: Matte Mocha & Vanilla, Silk Effects Orchid & Pearl

I was really excited to get these two Matte polishes as I’ve been lusting after them since the release last year. I absolutely adore Mocha, it’s a deep chocolate-brown colour and looks so classy especially in the cooler months. For some reason though, Vanilla really reminds me of tippex which I think is because it’s a light colour. It also doesn’t go too well with my skin tone, so I’ll learn my lesson and step away from pale matte’s in the future. On the flip side though, I used it for some nail art and with another colour on top it did look lovely and that took away some of the tippex-ness for me.

Silk Effects is a range I’ve never been tempted to buy until I spotted the gorgeous Orchid colour from their Autumn range. The finish is semi-matte and has a nice sheen to it, it really catches the sunlight as well. I can’t wait to use Pearl on some of my Christmas manis, the texture is perfect for some snowy nail art. 

Barry M Effects Nail Art Christmas jumper silk

(Early!) Christmas jumper nail art using Teal & Silk Effects Pearl. Stamped with MoYou Festive plate 06

Barry M Effects Nail Art Christmas Matte Foil

Nail art using Matte Effects Vanilla and Foil Effects Gold. Stamped with MoYou Festive plate 06

Which Barry M polishes would you recommend? Have you tried any of their other products aside from nail polish?